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Hildesheim, Germany

&Claudia is DJ*ing and performing her* own music live in and around Hildesheim, Hannover and Berlin always trying to raise awareness for the wide variety of queerness in electronic music culture. Since 2018, she* is part of the worlwide network female:pressure. Also she* is is producing the soundtracks for the performance group edgarundallan.
Lately she* was present at The Global Composition 2018, a conference held by the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

past shows
23.02.: &Claudia @ Eschschloraque Rümpschrümp, Berlin
15.12.: &Claudia @ queer_getantzt, Anna & Arthur, Lüneburg
22.11.: &Claudia live @ Klangstärke°18, Hildesheim
04.-07.10.: &Claudia live @ The Global Composition 2018, Dieburg
02.09.: &Claudia @ Sample Music Festival, panel discussion, Cassiopeia, Berlin
18.11.17: &Claudia @ Get Rhythm, Ava, Berlin
07.09.17.: &Claudia @ Geekweek, DJ* Workshop, Theaterhaus Hildesheim
01.07.17: &Claudia @ Wallungen open air, Hildesheim