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We exist to amplify culture and community

We’re a fair and legal platform that supports creators to share their passions. This is where people come to listen deeply across every genre, taste and scene.

Audio culture isn’t just to be consumed– it’s a catalyst for uniting people and moving the world forward. We believe in doing the right thing to champion everyone who contributes to those cultural movements.

Our Story

Born from club culture

Built by music lovers, we set out to create the tools DJs, radio shows, festivals and labels need to connect with their audiences.

A decade on, our community has evolved into so much more. Together, we’ve built a rich and vast catalog of millions of shows handcrafted by all kinds of creators, echoing from every corner of the globe.

From dance floors to record shops to online radio, our community keeps the spirit of culture’s most precious artefacts alive.

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Our Story

Support Creators, Support Culture

Our mission is to get more fans directly supporting creators. We’re empowering the people behind the music to cultivate meaningful relationships with their own fan communities, so they can make more together.

We want to see a world where everyone can create sustainably and connect deeply. Beyond the algorithm, human to human.

Creator first policy

Mixcloud operates a fair, legal streaming service with artists and creators at its core.

Our policy of putting creators first means that everything we build is designed to give creators more control over their channel, their fans and their business.

By subscribing to Mixcloud Premium, you help us keep up with the costs of running this platform for the long run. By supporting a creator channel through Mixcloud Channel subscriptions, a direct cut goes to that channel's creator.

Thank you for being part of a community that supports a more sustainable future for audio culture.


Together, we are Mixcloud

We build the infrastructure, you craft the culture. Every creator who uploads and every partner we collaborate with co-creates with us. Use our brand kit to keep things on point.

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Reach a global, highly engaged audience of 1M+ creators and 20M+ listeners with our suite of engaging ad formats and content solutions.

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