Clubber Langley

Iowa, United States

Howdy folks, and thanks for checking out my Mixcloud! If you're a fan of UK Hard House played only on vinyl, then you have definitely found the right place. I have been mixing Hard House and Trance exclusively on vinyl since the UK's glory days of clubbing from 1998-2006, and I love to play for anyone who appreciates banging dance music played on vinyl - I'm strictly Old School. 😎
I have a monthly Hard Vinyl Session Show & am joining forces with Half Baked, who is an awesome UK-based Vinyl DJ with a live back-to-back show on a random Saturday of each month.
The next Live Show will be in January 2024.
I pride myself on my extensive vinyl collection, which is guaranteed to have some tunes that will bring back those happy & slightly hazy memories when clubbing in the UK was at its very best.
Here you'll find 100% live sets with no edits (or synch buttons) πŸ˜‰
Message me here anytime!