Steve James

Cebu, Philippines

Currently away on holiday ......

Londoner based in East Asia since 2016 ... Lived in Tokyo for a while, and left Japan to come to Shanghai in 2017 ... Musically open minded. Appreciate a wide variety of different sounds ... Not one to play it safe and stick to the same genre all the time.

I have no interest in providing mixes to any online radio stations or doing B2B mixes with other DJ's. Please do not be offended. These things require a lot of spare time, which I do not have. I only upload sets as and when I can, which is currently not very often ... However, I do try to be as supportive as possible of other DJ's here on this platform, when I get a little bit of free time to listen to sets on here. Happy to support talented selectors ...


こんにちは、みんな。 私のウェブページを訪問していただきありがとうございます! 私はここで自分の音楽セレクションを共有し、プラットフォームで他の才能あるキュレーターからの話を聞くことも楽しんでいます. 私の音楽の趣味はとても広いので! ありがとう

大家好。 感谢您浏览我的网页! 我在这里分享我的音乐选择,也喜欢在平台上聆听其他才华横溢的策展人。 我的音乐品味非常广泛,所以我希望您能在我的页面上找到您喜欢的东西! 谢谢