Oldenburg, Germany

An MC by Elvis Presley at the age of 9 was the trigger that I should never get away from music, with a preference for dance floor music, especially as a techno & house DJ, for almost 35 years. A considerable time!
At the age of 14 I got my first hip hop vinyls and in 1987 I ended up with the first acid / techno vinyls.
From 1989 to 2003 I carried out techno & house events as an organizer in northern Germany. From 1986 first at regional parties and from 1992 I played in many clubs and raves in Germany and parts of Europe.
In 2002 I retired from the active music business and produced only 2 mixes a year. I created the β€œTribal Mission” project back in 2003 and already knew then that in my mid-50s I would invest more time in music again. Now it's 2021 and I am 53 ... more Time for Music!
I'm happy, being back with this amazing turntable feeling! Music brings the WORLD together ... that's great!