MiKel & CuGGa

Cologne, Germany

My Name is Mikel
I'm from Germany and I'm still alive.
I made my first experiences at the Loveparade in 1998, where electronic beats got me!
From then on I knew I wanted to make house music!
My first vinyl was by Run D.M.C. It's Like That Bootleg .It's like that, I have to say: Wow!!!

In the year 2000 my time in clubs began, during which I rocked many German house clubs!
It was a great time and I'm still proud to be a DJ this time ;-)

But nothing lasts forever, a fire destroyed my entire vinyl collection and me with it :(

I took some time off for 4 years!

In 2011 I started making music again, playing on FreshFm, House Music Radio Station, Sunshine Live and DE3P RADIO NETWORK as well as HBRS

In 2013 I started producing tracks, at first it was more bad than good, but after a few months I found the groove!
I hope you enjoy my melodies, they come from my heart!

House music is my passion, my essence of life!