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Natassa Mitsika - Curly Nomad

Athens, Greece

Γειά! Hello! Hola! Hej! Salut! Привет! Namaste! Salaam! Konnichiwa! Chào bạn!
Selamat pagi! Sà-wàt-dee!
🌏 🌏

I’m Natassa Mitsika – friends call me Nat – and I come from Greece. I live in Athens, however I consider the whole world to be my home! I am a “roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond … call me what you will” (and a music lover, obviously) I travel a lot and collect moments, smiles, emotions, images, smells and tastes from the places I visit all around our amazing planet. I make friends from the East to the West and I try to have all sorts of adventures! Wandering is for me the best way to make dreams come true!

Natassa Mitsika - Curly Nomad