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Mr Cozzo

Paris, France

Hello everyone, I’m Mr. Cozzo and I’m from Paris. Every week, I listen to around a thousand tracks from various electronic genres and pick the best ones to do my weekly two hour show. This week is very special to me because it’s my 100th episode. Every episode is a new story where I take you on a journey from Minimal, to House, to Techhouse, to sometimes even a bit of disco vibes, allowing you discover the songs that make you move on the dance floor. In Paris, it’s been a year since we have been able to physically go to a club or festival and dance with our favorite DJs. With this 100th episode I now welcome you to my own club, Club Cozzo. It’s live every Saturday from 10 PM – Midnight EST / 4 – 6 AM CET (Sunday) on The Face Radio.

Instagram : @mr_cozzo