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Mike Redfields

Sittard, Netherlands

Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, Mike Redfields (stage name of Michiel Beenen) is addicted to music of all genres. While first working on his technology companies back in 2005 and after working on several music projects in the Netherlands, he decided to go back to his roots in 2018 and started producing and performing again. This time with a focus on House and Techno music.

Get in touch: info@mikeredfields.com
Website: www.mikeredfields.com

Facebook: https://bit.ly/409bDaE
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/42xNBI3
Twitter: https://bit.ly/3n7nhEp
Beatport: https://bit.ly/3TyPZu2
Youtube: http://bit.ly/3FK2DAR