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Thessaloniki, Greece

melophobia (μελωφοβία) is an experimental sonic transmission conceived by artist, curator, producer and sound designer Dimitris Tsironis (Δημήτρης Τσιρώνης), started in Greece in 2001.

His main interest in electroacoustic / improv music is crafted and assembled through various analogue sources and field recordings. The abstract manipulations are alternately ambient or aggressive, and together they shape unique soundscapes. These mysterious non-linear composition-beings orbiting in separate spheres and creating a delectable improv-graced ambiance.

In 2020 melophobia celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence. Twenty years of experimental manipulations released in various formats (cassettes, mini discs, floppy discs, compact discs, lathe cuts, digital files, hand-written files et al).

Dimitris Tsironis is also the owner of the labels: 1tracktape & Default Standard Records and curator of the radio/sound art shows: Arrhythmia & Noisy Nocturnes.