Mercury Radio

Hermoupolis, Syros, Greece

Mercury Radio started back in 2011.

Founder's main goal was to bring the classic spirit of the FM radio on the web new age. Yeap, having spent two decades on FM radio stations, Chris P. actually knew that a web radio could be something much more that a box streaming non stop music.

Based on the belief that radio could be both an entertaining and educational tool, helping various forms of art to be spread, shared and promoted to people -music, literature etc-, without letting aside that the radio can be "a good and friendly company" broadcasting good music on a non stop basis, the Mercury Radio people started to build a web radio puzzle that is evolving year by year.

No matter if you would like to listen shows focused on specific music types -from Electronic to 60s Psych, from Prog Rock, to DarkWave, from Soundtracks to Heavy Metal-, or if you just want to have some good music playing around you can always find something for you on Mercury Radio.

More than your average web radio!