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Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian artist based in Bogotá, Dj, producer and engineer, a faithful exponent and representant of hard sound in the electronic music; his proposal is strongly influenced by techno and subgenres such as dark, industrial, hard techno, schranz and hardcore. Co-founder of the audiovisual collective, music label and promoter group "Hard Kapital", also is an artist of colombian label "Techsound Records" and the agencies "Trivial Bookings”, “Core Concepts”, “The Unofficial Agency".

His active work for more than 13 years in the music scene as an artist, releases in different specialized labels, a solid and creative mixing technique supported by the musical background of years and the experience of gigs in different clubs, raves and festivals in 10 countries have made him a strong and recognized representative in his musical line and an artist with great international projection.

(+57) 3134065662