Intimidator DJ

Lincoln, United Kingdom

1996 saw the purchase of a set of belt drive turntables and the first faultless beat matched mix followed 6 months later. This was the birth of Intimidator.

Having span a variety of dance music genere's Drum & Bass / Jungle is were it all began and where it now continues. A re kindle love for 170 BPM heavy beats and bouncing bass saw Intimidator return in '03..

Holding a residency in his home town of Luton @ the former Space Night Club brought him to a new level.

The first Innovation in the Sun had an unofficial final day. Just so happens a bag of records had followed him to the sun filled shores of Llorett Der Mar and gave him the opporunity to spin.

Intimidator has span alongside Darren Jay, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Logan D to name a few.