Aberdeen, United Kingdom

You can't copy my greatness you just imitate it.
Receiving promo from the following Labels and Artists.

Atlantic Records
RNDMZR Records
Warner Music
Spinnin' Records
DOORN Records
Solid Capsule Records
SATO Records
Sound Alive Records
Ginchiest Records - United Kingdom
Tech Me Home Records -France
Lunar Records - James ID
Diverse Beats -Cyprus
Big Beat
Carrot Bird Records - Amsterdam
Vibe Records - United Kingdom
Defined Music - United Kingdom
Baikonur Recordings - Russia
Lizplay Records - Spain
Disko Recordings - UK
UFO Records - Canada
Princess Jasmine
Ronnie Pacitti
Crane The Brain
Ronnie Pacitti Senior
James Womersley
Yolo Snipes
Danny Death Disco - CDP Radio
Calling All Astronauts
Audio Jacked
DJ Darkness
Kim Cameron
Mark Hamilton
Hugo Cantara

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