Elbert Phillips

Chicago, United States

Personally selected by Frankie Knuckles to be the House Godfather's warm-up DJ, Chicago native Elbert Phillips is mined from the seam of the Chicago House music scene.

Elbert is a producer and remixer who has worked with Josh Milan, Ursula Rucker, Andre Espeut, Shamrock Guitor, Carla Prather, Terrence Downs and remixed tracks by Antonio Trinchera for A.MA Records in Italy and Nimbus Sextet for Acid Jazz Records in London and founded his own label 'Entegrity Music' in 2018.

Elbert produces the 'Monthly Statement' show for UK station Soul-Power Radio and was a contributing editor to the specialist House Music publication '5 Magazine' , designed the logo for 'Move', the 2006 Chicago International House Music Festival and was the creator and designer of the Chicago House Music timeline as a prominent part of the 2015 art exhibition Move Your Body:
The Evolution of House Music.

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