London, United Kingdom

Local Radio DJ for hsparkradio.

I love pretty much all forms of music, but influences start from funk and soul to house, and deep house, breaks, drum and bass and everything in between. I love the dancefloor, the vibe, the smiles and the energy. Anything Live and anything musically interesting that turns my ears usually gets the treatment.

I've been busy crafting my style and groove these days playing LIVE on hsparkradio most Saturday nights, and enjoy putting together the Friday night Jamz which have become a real favorite for many. Here, I buy 15-25 tracks a week and lay them down for the first time without listening to them - we hear them first together at the same time. No rehearsals, just feeling the vibe as I see them. When I'm not DJing I'm usually listening to something groovy the catches my attention and always on the lookout for new music to play in my show!

One day my kids will realise I was quite cool at some point in my life :)