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Bern, Switzerland

Swiss Turntablist Orbeat is known being the man behind the desk for Rappers and Crews like Disko4Stack, Saimon Disko, TRUWVE, Hävänais, Eskry, King MCH, SMK, Looke, Est8, Injahpendent and others.
He coordinated a seminar about Hip Hop with his friend Static Fanatic. Besides he digged in the creates and build a little record collection with sounds from Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk, Soul, Latin, Rock over Soundtracks.

His music is best discribed bricolage of cut-and-paste Hip Hop/Trip Hop mixed with rhythmic scratches and juggles. His samples come from the black gold, but also from movies, series or TV-Shows.

Main releases: The Cut and Paste Philosophy, Chatzägoud and Infra.red.

Orbeat is also part of: Chaos-Soundsystem and Friday-Sessions