A.C. The Program Director

Los Angeles, United States

The undisputed all-time HipHop Mixtape King

Founder @ HipHopPhilosophy.com Radio

We only play music we never played before!

Official LA Breakers radio station

We go live with a new show every Monday Night Fresh 5 p.m. PST @ HipHopPhilosophy.com & HHPRadio.com

Over 2000 mixes and counting!

Monday Night Fresh is our weekly radio show on HipHop Philosophy Radio ... only playing music we never played before, finding and sharing all of the great music the radio won't play, for free! ... special guests and interviews, exclusives, world premieres, unreleased, not-yet-released, originals, remixes, etc.

HipHop Philosophy Radio is a listener supported radio resource, and you can support the radio station at Pay-pal email address programdirector@hotmail.com - Cashapp: $hhpradio - Venmo: HHPRadio