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London, United Kingdom

Global music lover. No genres that I stick with exclusively, I listen to what I like without exception.
Prime areas of interest as follows but I don’t limit myself like I sometimes did in my youth. It's whatever hooks my ear these days, it’s all good;

Downtempo beats, lounge & chilled electronica, soulful house & garage, deep house, Jazzy house but overall and in ANY genre, I'm seeking creative mixes with good track selections (the core and a abs. crucial aspect). Other likes include Hip-Hop & Jazz Fusions, 80's rare groove, D&B, reggae, dub & lovers and many others per my musical & life open-mindedness.

I'm essentially into any DJ's or Artist that can take me on a musical journey, hold the vibe throughout the mix, THAT's what my favourite DJ's, artists as well as life-memorable nights & days have been made of so, these ears remain eager for more of the same.

Keep your musical faith music lovers & creators, forward people, one life, one love...musica 🤎🎼
Darren Emilio, July '14

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