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Christopher/DJ Fredo’s love affair with music started with his father’s vinyl collection, evolving into a 19 year career as a DJ. Music has always intrinsically connected Christopher and his life. Embracing his Detroit roots, Christopher has had the honor of spinning and entertaining in Detroit, New York City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, and Italy. When Christopher spins, it’s about a stylized, eclectic, fun, audience focused evening.

Christopher’s experience with entertaining crowds both in the US and Italy has naturally helped him create a unique Euro-American musical experience. His style spans decades and genres, from Disco and Funk, 40s to Top 40, EDM, House, Techno, Trance, Country old to new, to ethnic music from around the world.


TONIGHT AT 9:30 PM! "Anything Goes!" With DJ Fredo!

TONIGHT AT 9:30 PM! "Anything Goes!" With DJ Fredo!

by DJ Fredo
It's Thursday and that means we're going to have a little fun! 9:30 PM EST DJ Fredo goes LIVE with DJ Fredo's "Anything Goes"!
1y ago