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DJ JackPhoenix

Boston, United States

I have DJ'd such events as:
The Endless Night Halloween Vampire Ball at the House of Blues in New Orleans (2010+2011), Dracula's Ball,Montreal Fetish Weekend,The Manhattan Fetish Cruise in NY, Resurrection (N.H.),NY Vampire Ball,Mike Saga's I LOVE INDUSTRIAL, QXT's,Bermuda, and other venues in DC, Baltimore, NY, PA, VT, NH, CT, Hanscom AFB, so on and so forth. and more, " Total Music for the Masses"

I Enjoy the scene and the people very much and have promoted some wonderful events in it through the years.
My main goal over the last 10+ years has been to help unify the Goth/Industrial scene ( as well as the fetish crowd) more. Hence, I have been at the helm of the following groups

The International Goth/Industrial & Fetish Scene group on Facebook:

& The New York/Tri-State + East Coast Goth/Industrial & Fetish Scenes :