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Jett Black

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, United States

hmmmm wurds, wurds, wurds, wurds... I listen to music whilst gaming [usually Diablo III for the PC; ALL PC servers.]
HIGH NRG EBM/Industrial, Dark TECHNO w/ massive BPMs... that is what I require for superb manual dexterity in the game. I also enjoy Gothic, Darkwave, Punk, Electro... et cetera and I will share podcasts from such related music genres. I have a deep appreciation for music MIXES and dj styles as well as Musician interviews, and interviews with music producers, DJs, etc. I believe in and support the ONE TRIBE paradigm when it comes to innovation and collaboration among movers and shakers in the underground/independent music scenes around the entire planet. Tune in, PLAY ALL, NJOY and FOLLOW. Cheers!