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Nantes, France

Pillar of the Nantes nights, self-taught Laurent Allinger has stood firmly in the world of music since the age of 17. From 1982 to 1985, He DJs on Radio Atlantic with his daily show, "Even The Walls Have Ears" & "Atmosphère". But it's in 1986, at the Floride club, in Nantes that he begins to work up a live audience every night of the week, for over 3 years, with his selection of Smiths, Stooges etc. In the 1990's, he sells records. Then, in 1997, he begins focusing exclusively on musical and stage creation with legendary french band The Little Rabbits. His musical eclectism also allows Laurent to collaborate to various jazz / latin or Rock projects.Sound designer, DJ, Musician ( theremin / effects / percussion ) French Tourist ceaselessly collaborates Live with many french & American artists : AL FOUL , Tom Walbank, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan, Sergio Mendoza, Billy Sedlmayr, FreakTone, Grand Groove Orchestra, Sitarsonic (Paco Rodriguez ex Gamine) etc.