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DJ Pepe M

Utrecht, Netherlands

Where do you stay?
Utrecht, the middle of the Netherlands.

What’s you’re age?
Old enough to know the good classics,
young enough to know what’s hot right now!

How long do you perform?
Approximately 12 years.

How did you got the name Pepe M ?
It’s a corruption of my real name, it fits well with my cheerful and summery sound.

What styles do you play?
Lounge, housemusic, latinhouse, clubclassics and dancemusic.
There is a condition, the sound has to be mature.

What are your strengths?
I think I have an own definitive style, interaction with the public,
leading in the latest sounds and surprising versions.
You often hear the same dancemusic on the radio and television,
in terms of music a night out has to be slightly different than a ordinary day.
I try to maintain the visibility and the public still tickle with a different sound.

Do you do other things in music?
I come regularly with live performers, like a vocalist, percussionist or saxofonist.