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Alfonso Javier García López

Madrid, Spain

"Farewell" is the last session I think I'm going to upload on Mixcloud. I'm not a professional DJ nor do I do this for a living. I'm very grateful to Mixcloud for so many years of being free for everyone, for being able to upload my sessions for everyone who wants to listen to them. I understand that Mixcloud's business model is no longer profitable and they need new sources of funding but I find the fee excessive to be PRO.

I also want to thank the more than 40k followers for clicking the "follow" button, I want to think that many of them, and I know for sure, have listened to some of my sets and for that I thank them with all my heart for their comments, and if I have managed to make them at least enjoy the music as much as I do, it will have been worth it.

"Farewell" is a techno set in the style of Oscar Mulero. It is a compilation of 27 tracks that I have already used in previous sessions and I have put them together in this set.

Thanks for everything, and see you always.