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Paderborn, Germany

Started DJing in 1999 playing Trance only. Switched from turntable and vinyl to CD only, moved to Ableton and a MIDI controller soon after. Did a complete turnaround and began collecting records again, playing with turntables. Got rid of all and went digital only with today's equipment. Soundwise I moved from Trance to a mix of Progressive and Deep House, Tech House, Techno and variations. Quality over quantity, hence there are less mixes up here, as you can also listen to my mixes on our collaboration representation - there I share mixes and a radio show with my friends MauriceKeller and ZweiQuadrat.

Played various parties, even ran a fairly popular event series with friends. Nowadays bookings are rare, hence if you would like to get in touch, ping me a message in here.

Denon MCX8000
Shure SRH840