Karlsruhe / Chemnitz / Paderborn, Germany

"DiagonalTON" is the name of our project consisting of three DJs. We - ZweiQuadrat, Blackbrook and Maurice, have all our musically past, but we have something in common: we love the music we play and dedicate most of our time searching for the right track that moves us, touches our heart and makes us feel alive. We have played dirty underground up to awesome open air parties - all different , some of them created by ourselves others due to a booking. We have all never played the very big ones, but we have made people dance and dive into the music and they have let themselves go. Everybody tells his own story in his mixes and you will realise that we may share some sounds but vary in detail.

We were looking for something with room for creation and evolvement without the pressure of deadlines and thinking in stereotypes. Creativity needs its place, a place where we meet virtually and share our sound with the world - DiagonalTON - the project by us, made for you.