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Zyron.C64.Org, Sweden

Mixcloud tricked me with their three months membership at a discounted price promising that nothing would change regarding my mixes, but when I returned to free after three months they limited my mixes to 10 any way! So nearly 200 mixes are hidden and links to them all around the web broken. Really shitty of them. I tried contacting them but they keep avoiding the subject. I've been here since the beginning, but now it's bye-bye Mixcloud!

DJ since 1988. Spaced-out cosmic post-punk balearic kraut funk italo disco-not-disco deep dubby electro house wave - mixed from vinyl with love.


My huge mix & stream archive: https://zyron.c64.org/mixarchive.php

Webcam captures of some streams: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvFnP5vWdMUzvFOp__grPvHS9l--dugFS