Two Old Fools - TOF


Who are these Two Old Fools - TOF?

B& and Mikee, 2 old hands in the DJ scene, have come across each other's path over the years with their passion for house classics, among other things. They have joined forces with the idea of ​​reviving the feeling of the past together as Two Old Fools - TOF. As an organization they focus on giving house parties from the early 90's and have set up the act Two Old Fools - TOF as a b2b dj duo.

The music from the time of the founding fathers and glory days of house music, which was played in the famous clubs such as RoXY - iT and Mazzo, will pass by at the House Classics events as if time has stood still.

Two Old Fools - TOF wants to bring the audience back the feeling of the past and let you enjoy it again as if you are standing on that warm and sweaty dance floor again with house music from your favorite clubs and DJs blowing from the speakers.