Two Knobs And An Oscillator 12-9-14

Two Knobs And An Oscillator 12-9-14

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Two Knobs And An Oscillator 12-9-14

On the 2nd Friday of every month at 8PM, Simon Brett and Paul Griffin explore their passion for electronic music through choice cuts, classic recordings and a hefty dose of humour.

This month, Simon and Paul are joined via telephone by Anais Neon of the Vile Electrodes, Hastings' purveyors of perfect 21st century synth-pop and electronica. We discuss musical identity, the connections between artists and their fans and how many members of OMD it takes to feel PVC on a lady's leg.

The show is transmitted live via Phonic FM on 106.8FM, or streamed worldwide via


Playing tracks by Mr Weebl, Smalltalk & The Party Animal, VNV Nation, Empress Touch, 808 State and more.



Top show, battled through, boys. Technology PLAGUES electronic music and our job is to overcome adversity and daftness for our art. Well done. Very interesting interview with Anais of VE – what an good electronic band and story. They know what they're doing and she sounds very nice to boot – enjoying this feature. Despite the lack of jingle. Though I wonder if you could use the line "Can you see my robot ass in your robot face" as an edit for this. Just because it will make the fourteen-year-old in me cackle every single time. And ZOOLOOK. Part of my musical DNA. To say nothing of JJ Perry. More good work, everyone.

Richard Silverthorn

Thanks for the play :-)

Empress Touch

Very well edited! The highlights were hearing the full length John Robie version of the New Order classic 'Shellshock' and a track from Jean Michel Jarre's overlooked 'Zoolook' album - so much so that even I didn't notice it when listening live! Well done, gents.

Two Knobs & An Oscillator

Thanks, Carl. The editing was essentially to make it more listenable than to cover up the technical issues! Don't tend to edit these shows much, but I think this one was a special case!