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Didam, Netherlands

The road was long and hard, but today TraumaTek is a producer and dj at respected labels such as Future Bass (Ger), Mehrdruck (Ger) Massive Speed Records (Nld) and his own label 230 Records which he founded with mad-ID.No matter where or when TraumaTek comes in action, what his tracks will always tell you, is the state of mind at the moment the track was produced and that makes TraumaTek so pure and full of never can tell what style his next track will be: pumping hardtek, quick frenchcore, darker industrial, faster terror or ear-ripping thing is for sure, every track is produced with pure love or intense hate...Inspired by great names as The Speed Freak, Hellfish, Bryan Fury, Gabba Front Berlin and our dutch Drokz, TraumaTek brings you true sound of the hardest styles with a message: love it or get the fuck out of the way....Der Tekmeister came and will stay !!!underground 4 life!!!