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Tokyo, Japan

Tomocomo is a Japanese trance / ambient dj and producer. She started her dj career in 2008. She spins “retro goa trance DJ set” which is her origin and also “new style goa trance DJ set” using various sources such as goa trance, techno based on old school from the 90's to the present.
In chill out / ambient / downtempo DJ set, she puts the healing and love that comes out of herself into the sound and guides the floor to a deep world that envelops the audience.
From 2013, she started producing trance / ambient music tracks making use of her experience with classical piano since she was 3 years old and various instruments.
She has joined compilations in various countries since 2014 and 2 singles were released. In 2023, her very 1st full album was released from Zion 604 Records and she started her live performance with her original tracks. Her live set comes from experiences through her own DJ style and which tells a story into your mind.