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Tisa N. Herlec interviews

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tisa N. Herlec (1996, Ljubljana/Rotterdam) communicates, organizes, writes, performs and creates imaginaries (with sound, voice, in texts and images). Her special passion is interviewing.

On Radio Worm she hosts the show called *The Side Entrance* where she encounters and interviews performers, improvisers and composers. We enter into their sonic and conceptual worlds through the side entrance – listening to their sound materializations and exploring the back-end of their practices - the thoughts and metaphors they create with.

The interview radio show *Residential* is focused around various artists in residency of Worm - sound makers, artists and theater makers - she interviews them about their practices and processes, archiving and publishing it.

*Expanded radio* is a special program in which Radio Worm spreads out of the studio, creating live, in-person and radio-broadcasted program.