The 264 Cru

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A diverse multicultural collective of DJs, Creatives, and vibes hounds, based in Dubai; The 264 Cru are more than just a group of friends who like to get ratchet and play bangers together. There’s a lot of thought and deliberation in what we do.

What to expect on this channel:
- #CruSauce
- #TheComedown264
- #BootyBangers264
- #KarakBeats recorded DJ sets

- #CruSauce focuses on the heat emerging from scenes and crews we’re connected to regionally and globally, shining a light on their talents, sounds and general way of life.
- #TheComedown264 caters to your fragile needs. Easing and preparing you to take on the upcoming week with a clear head.
- #BootyBangers264 is a mix series of hand select artists laying down all those juicy smashers to get you ready to take your weekend head on. The artworks are comic style pin-up gyal dem.
- #KarakBeats is our club night in Dubai hosting the freshest bass music DJs and producers of the world.