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Terry Godwin

United Kingdom

Terry was born in West London, after 34 years became man of Kent. Last two years have lived in Brighton which I love. I have worked with insurance and property management.I married a wonderful lady Muriel , was married 54 years We adopted a disabled boy who had Muscular Destrophy. This prompted us to create a charity, The 3 H fund which is still running, providing holidays for the disabled.I have been writing peotry for the last 12 years and have published 10 books with 2 more on the way. "How to become happy and make your friends happy too." is a firm favorite. All books are on Amazon. Hope to meet a or hear from you soon. Geoff. and I are always here and would love to see your poetry, possibly publish it in our new book " We love Brighton and Hove" Terry www.thelaughingpoet.co.uk