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Riga, Latvia

Sunduo (Anton Janovich and Yaroslav Dragovoz) is a Riga based Psychill / Chillout project formed in early 2010s, when two friends and solo residents of a renown chillout radio show ‘The Way to Eden’ (DI.FM) made up their minds to ally for both DJing and producing music.

Being active members of the local psy music and art community, these guys are no strangers to playing for the most distinct crowds, enjoying their performances not only in massive open-airs but also in small, cosy events or even intimate festivals.

Describing their sound in one word as 'refreshing', Sunduo take their listeners on a chilled-out journey, where they usually end up dancing with their eyes closed.

Having joined 'Microcosmos Records' in July 2019, they continue pulling out all the stops to express themselves in the best way they can – sharing melodies and playing their favourite music because they passionately love it.

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