Starstreams Pgm i094

Starstreams Pgm i094

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Starstreams Pgm i094
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Aloha from Maui! Welcome to the 'exotic' side of radio - since 1981!
Musical Starstreams Pgm i094 - I THINK, THEREFORE I AMBIENT! ☮ ♥ & ♫

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Playing tracks by Josh Leake, Solar Fields, Parallel Universe, Dead Can Dance, Ann Licatar and more.

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brenda z

Heard about the wildfires on Maui. Hope you are safe and sound.


We are good! Although Lahaina was tragic and will take years to rebuild, 95% of Maui is untouched and open for business! Come visit!


Another great show. Thank you, Forest! I love Parallel Universe - Cosmic Radiation. Where can I buy the mp3??


Mahalo! I'd try Bandcamp.

The Blue Bus

ALL the radio DJs in the final round of the BEST OF MAUI voting at are from Mana'o Radio - we have some great ones! Can you stop by the site and vote by July 7th, 2023 for BEST RADIO STATION ON MAUI & BEST RADIO DJ ON MAUI? You don't have to live on Maui to vote. I would be honored to have your vote as would our station! Mahalo for your support! Forest, Your Blue Bus Driver & Sound Painter & Producer & Host, MUSICAL STARSTREAMS P.S. While you're voting, please vote for MAUI IMPROV as the Best Theater Company!

Electro Maui

Good luck with the votes Forest and thanks for the excellent programs, as always! EM


Thanks EM!




Mahalo from Maui!

DJ Laos®  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Absolite SOUL-FOOD..... GREAT... TY for UPLOAD


Many thanks my friend! I would be honored by your vote for Best Radio DJ on Maui and a vote for our all volunteer station Mana'o Radio!


Aloha! I have been nominated for Best Radio DJ on Maui and would be honored by your vote and a vote for our all volunteer station Mana'o Radio! Many thanks! Forest


Pgm i094 Playlist
He Opened a Door Intro
Josh Leake - Dusk to Dawn
Solar Fields - Insum (remix)
Parallel Universe - Cosmic Radiation
Dead Can Dance - Kiko
~ Forest - Come Visit us and listen at ~
Ann Licatar - Forest Moon Rising
Benji Wertheimer & John de Kadt - Tabla Breath
Loreena McKennitt - The Mystic's Dream
Solea Amphibia - Floating Glassy Raft
Pitch Black [nz] - Empty Spaces, Missing Units - Ape to Angel - Waveform Records
~ Become a Patron at & shop ~
Dymons - The Emerald Tablets - Waveform Transmissions Vol One - Waveform Records
Makyo - Pura
Unusual Cosmic Process - Inner Silence
~ Musical Starstreams is Produced & Programmed by Forest from Maui at ~
Tuu - Shiva Descending (Forest Friendly Mix) - All Our Ancestors - Waveform Records
Donna De Lory - Samba Sadashiva (edit)
Sky - The Shores of the High Priestess - Slumberland - Waveform Records


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