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DJ Laos® ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frankenberg/Eder, Germany

DJ Laos comes from Germany and has been mixing since end of the 80`---- starting with house music and techno. He added GOA/Psy/Progressive to his repertoire when he got his hands on a set from a Goa-DJ (insiders know who that is ;). He has big plans for the future to do more than keep the pounding pack on their toes. Discover the wonderful vibration and spirit of Electronic Dance Music.He mainly still plays OLD-School!!!

Hardware :
2x Technics SL 1210mk2 (Costomized for me by Technics/Panasonic)
2 x Technics SL-DZ 1200
1 x Technics RP Dj 1200
1 x Pioneer DJM 3000
1 x Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 (crackling-Filter)

➜ Discord: djlaos