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It seems that she came from another planet or from the long time lost Atlantida.
Music she plays brings out her cosmic nature. With her touch everything becomes beautiful. The words of Friedrich Nietzsche that Music is the language of the World Will for Anastasia are not empty words. It is her Faith. She is a favourite guest at the closed private parties. Fantastically sensitive in feeling how to set the right tone to performances by her sets. From 2011 Anastasia has performed at venues Partizan, Maison, Gazgolder, Super Beach, Shanti, Dub Club, Vozduh, Pravda, NOOR Bar (Moscow), Gagos, Mooki's Bar, Fashion Bar (Israel). She was a resident of Bamboo Bar, Basmati, Chaykhona №1 by Timur Lansky in Moscow. Guest of the festival Alfa Future People 2016. About styles and genres we are not talking - put your trust in a sense of the taste of this girl, which is also a rare beauty. Styles she is playing: Techno, Tech House, Nu Disco, Deep House, Deep Techno, Trance Psychedelic, Psy Chill