Slowtown FM

Seattle, United States

DJ Grey creates podcasts filled with shoegaze, downtempo, ambient, chillout, goth, industrial, noize, drone, soul, lo-fi, dub techno and more. Her sessions capture audio pleasures spanning through the eras and blends various genres into a flavorful collection of storytelling, blissful music. She’ll seamlessly segue from beatless ambient soundscapes of soothing, majestic, and gentle tones; spin smooth, reflective sounds from soulful heroes and heroines; flip into electronic, gothic, industrial and experimental delights; throwback into nocturnal ’80s-today, alternative; and channel the listeners soothingly with chillout, acid jazz, lounge, world beat, and deep house delights. DJ Grey has been spinning audio pleasures both in podcast and live venues since 2009.

DJ Grey previously co-hosted two music podcasts, Beautiful Noise Broadcast (2009-2012) and Gorgeous Sound Underground (2013-2016). Slowtown FM is a passionate blend of those former musical adventures.