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Scooby Duo

Vienna, Austria

Since 2012 Scooby Duo spoil us with their latest discoveries, old treasures and grooviest songs of the troposphere - always with a good dose of underground. From the Universal catalog to Soundcloud, they scour the vast music landscape and play what they discover on their travels.

Now the duo spills over - from the dancefloor directly into the airwaves of Austria. The Scooby Duo Radio Show unites old with new, brings fresh wind into the ear canals and makes Monday feel like Friday. Olinclusive and Irieology know exactly how to do that. They brush their dustiest records back to high gloss and charge their credit cards with pre-orders of the hottest new EPs. Every 1st Monday of the month, the dynamic duo takes care of the physical well-being of listeners on Radio Superfly with handpicked songs and a lovingly created program. Get involved in this intimate relationship and let yourself go because “you are what you listen to”.