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Berlin, Germany

rough and sweet is a german independent music label established in 2016.

The main idea is to present electronic music, especially good old trance and hardtrance such as tracks from the beginning of this century.

The styles of "rough and sweet" reach from fast styles like hardstyle and harddance with approx. 140-150 beats per minute to the softer ones with speed between 130 and 140 beats per minute, typical in trance and progressive house.

.O.L.D. stands for "Comprehensive Offensive Loud Delicous" and is
a collaboration between Stefan and Chris.

Based in Berlin and founded in 2003 C.O.L.D. is dedicated for the harder Trance-styles or the "rough"
in "rough and sweet", the label founded by Chris.
C.O.L.D. is influenced and addicted to Scot Project, derb, S.H.O.K.K. and many more Hardtrance artists of the early 2000s.