DJ Andrejko

Charlotte, Nc, United States

Being a DJ is a journey. Before this thing grabs ya in your twenties you are clueless of it's existence, but once you dive in, it'll never leave you. That's what it means when they say "House for Life". I am a DJ all right, I've lost my way in New York giving it up to make ends meet but found it again after a long hiatus finally realizing what I've been missing. Where I'm from originally and where I've been does not matter one thing. What matters is that I eat, sleep and exist on house music one set at a time. Starting in 89 and still at it I am a relic that refuses to give up because I can't get much satisfaction with what's offered to me out there. Besides the new people have worked hard and smart to bring us truly unique and awesome music that's irresistible.


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