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Ralph Derìs

Naples, Italy

Raffaele Palomba aka Ralph Deris was born in Naples in 1984. He approaches the world of music at the age of 10 following piano lessons, who will cultivate this passion until the age of 13 because at his first private party of friends he remains fascinated by the DJ playing records. Obsessed with that funk sound, he begins to buy the first vinyls, some maw and Frankie knuckles .... Starting from a basic instrumentation (mixer and 2 turntables) he begins to perform in private parties of his friends in his city.
Over the years, for various family and work reasons, they force him to stop and return to the world of music. A love that began 20 years ago and still cultivates today. He has performed in various clubs, beach clubs, lounge bars, bistros in the provinces of Naples, Salerno, Cagliari, Rome .... His sound is purely underground, which runs through the deep, soulful house, house music ... In his DJ set creates nuances of genres and sub-genres such as jackin house, soulful, deep ....