Karlsruhe, Germany

Good Earth Vibes - Electronic Music beyond borders! The musicians and artists Kriz LaFraize, Ralf Heilmann (RaGH), Dominik Rinnhofer and Toby O. Rink have dedicated themselves to this mission. The new label and the charity initiative actively create meaningful events, campaigns and spaces to contribute to peaceful coexistence - across borders. Good Earth Vibes brings DJs, musicians and artists of all kinds together to make the world a better place. The power of music, art and culture is boundless, universal, peaceful. Precisely with this channel, Good Earth Vibes wants to transport positive (inter)human values, build bridges, connect and strengthen people. The core team is aware of the advantages and opportunities they enjoy in their daily lives and sees it as their human responsibility to give back to people who aren’t so fortunate, and could use a helping hand. Let’s bring good vibes to the earth. Let’s shape the world together.

More infos on insta: ragh_6468