Ontop Fm

London, United Kingdom

Welcome to The Ontop Radio MixCloud
On Top radio the UK’s number one internet station is the official voice of the community. It provides entertainment, events, education and supports numerous community projects.

This Multi award winning radio station was launched in 2003 to fill a gap in the market. At this time there was no platform for young Grime MCs, Crews and DJs to get there voice heard. On Top Radio filled this gap and quickly became the UK’s most well known grime station.

In 2007 On Top Radio underwent a transformation to increases its popularity and growth. No longer would it cater for one audience, it would now be a station that played various genres of music to appease a greater clientele. This move was the making of the station and it went from being the most popular grime station to one of the most respected stations on the internet.

The secret of the stations success is to hand pick the hardest working, professional presenters