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Los Angeles, United States

The evolution continues! DJ SEAP (aka Nigel Sifantus) brings live mixes packed with energy, power and rhythmic complexity. He brings you the sound of what It might sound like with Richie Hawtin mixing Deadmau5 and Squarepusher while playing live finger drums on Maschine. Influenced by a background spanning all forms of rhythmic and harmonic music and extensive performance experience, DJ SEAP is the reinvention of Sifantus as a solo electronic performer (for more info on Sifantus' background see and focuses on the massive expanse of sound in the world of the digital DJ both improvised and constructed to move a dance floor using familiar themes of Electro/Progressive house and Dub-Step, minimal, and any other musical source. DJ SEAP currently uses Traktor, Ableton live and Native instruments Maschine all synched, mixed and remixed on the fly. He brings the world of sound of the DJ booth out to the vast expanse of possibility and back to the dance floor