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Looks like we're breaking up with Mixcloud, too … If you take in the show, you know it's coming at you from a non-profit, all volunteer radio station. Like you, I'm not it in for the money. And as much as I'd like as many folks as possible to hear the show, I'm not monetizing what is basically a repeat of a public radio broadcast. No matter the windfall my consultants are predicting. Whatever illusory "budget" there might be is used to grip some records, and to try and make one of those records.
If you do listen to the show, thank you. Deeply. It spreads the good word on good tunes and it spreads the good word of WRIR and community radio at large.

For now you can grip the show post-airing at and at the archive player at and I'm sure there will be a band-aid of some sorts if those options aren't suitable.

If you have any services/platforms that you dig and are affordable for a young man just starting out, I'm all ears.

Thanks much … always,