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Monique Clara Klebsattel

Hamburg, Germany

ehemals ((Djane clubsessel,...))

Played Vinyl since,....??????
or Start up with vinyl 1997/ a club called "Sukia" - mönchengladbach ((a deep rare club, where electronic starts or re starts getting underground"!)))!!!

for some months in a small bar/club"carpe noctem", aaand the Graefen und König, buut in the Front actually. (The club was this time backyard located)"!

Ha Ha, doing mixtapes like a machine for friends and collegues"!

Locations in Hamburg played, firmed and free:

imoto bar (Hamburg - Altona), Pony Bar HH (Allende Platz), Kulturhaus 73 (Schanze), Alte Flora (Schanzenviertel), Bambi Bar (Hamburger Berg),
GF Freiheit 36 (Blumencafe) (Grosse Freiheit 36), 2 years actually i think, or more?

angel club, HH (Neuer Fischmarkt, HH)