DJ Marti Gras

Central New Jersey, United States

Born and raised in New York City, Martin discovered his passion for the DJ craft while attending Syracuse University. After receiving a BS Degree majoring in biology, Martin began performing at private parties under the stage name of "DJ Marti Gras" with a tagline of "Mixing Gone Wild." His portfolio of work includes Sweet 16s, Communion Parties, Weddings, Block Parties, and Fashion Shows. DJ Marti Gras is the ideal choice for those seeking a hot dance mix, drawing from his palette of current dance music, pop, hip hop/R&B, Caribbean vibes, disco and party classics including many other genres that span the decades from the 1930s Big Band. He spends plenty time collecting a vast array of music and creating unique mixes of his own.
Based in the Princeton, New Jersey area, he is a proud member of Ambient DJ Service.